1. Leadership Workshops

On the Leadership Journey:

In this workshop, leaders learn to assess their leadership, inspire leadership in teams, build cross-functional teamwork, and understand the process of decision making.

Futures’ Leader Bootcamp:

Emerging leaders learn how to use Future tools. They will harness the power to define their future, and then using tools like trending, SWOTs, and mind-mapping, trace a roadmap to the future(s) they want.

Lead Me, Really!

In most organizations, talent walks out the door because “leadership” does not equal real, authentic leadership. This workshop is about taking the steps towards growing authentic leadership.

Management Tools:

We also provide leadership training on Lean, Six Sigma, Practical Problem Solving, Root-Cause Analysis, and Strategic Thinking. These courses are critical in building innovation capability in organizations.

Tailored Solutions:

We work with our clients to provide tailor-made workshops to fit their needs. Ask us.

2. Foresight Workshops

Strategic Foresight:

Leaders not only need to know management and innovation processes, they also must understand the future. This is an end-to-end overview of how leaders use future tools to become future smart.

Systems Dynamics:

We are influenced by systems. That’s because the world is a system of systems. This workshop introduces leaders to system’s thinking, taking a holistic view of how fluctuations in some systems create effects on others, even us.

Futuring and Horizons Thinking:

This framework is designed to stretch the leader’s thinking about time, helping them deal with the effects of innovations, and even forecasting points of uncertainties and transformational change.

Scenario Planning:

This workshop enables leaders and teams to explore the future as landscapes their organizations might encounter. What we have learned from scenario planning is that it help us envision the future, operate in the future, and understand if we were capable to exercise flexibility and “battlefield” innovation.

3. Assessments & Keynote Speaking

Culture Assessments:

Strong organizational culture is key to profitability, creativity, and innovation. The reality is that many organizations do not understand it. Our experienced consultants, not only have leadership operational and practitioner experience, but they have also contributed to this area’s body of knowledge through peer-reviewed publishing. In other words, your organization gets quality partners, leveraging their expertise to assess and grow your organization.

Innovation & Process Audits:

Organizations are in the midst of a revolution. Everything is changing. This situation presents an incredible opportunity. We want to be your trusted partner and assess your organization to help you see how it innovates, improve its processes, and is postured to assimilate the right innovative and creative thinking, methods, and tools to endure the future.

Keynote Speaking:

We are honored to share our expertise with your organization. The aim is to stretch leadership thinking with new perspectives.

Here are some of our focused keynote speaking topics: Foresight in Strategy Development, Creating and Leading Change, Leadership at the Helm, Culture to Improve Team Performance.

Consultation Portfolio

  • Assessing and Improving Leadership Effectiveness
  • Assessing and Road-mapping Organizational Culture
  • Quality, CPI, and Change Management in Organizations: A Leadership View
  • Assessing Strategy Alignment and Implementation
  • Assessing Social Media Strategy and Effectiveness
  • Tailored solutions