1. Workshops

  • On the Leadership Journey ©: The principles in this workshop are for all leaders, but especially middle managers. Here, they learn to assess their leadership, inspire leadership in teams, build cross-functional teamwork, and understand the process of decision making.
  • Lead Me, Really! ©: In a world where competition for talent is fierce, organizations with poor leaders lose. Talent walks out the door because “leadership” does not equal real, authentic leadership. This workshop is about taking the steps towards growing authentic leadership.
  • “Shared Culture in Merged Organizations” ©: The #1 reason for failure in mergers (up to 70% of mergers fail) has been attributed to a neglect of organizational culture. This workshop addresses crucial considerations and help leaders build their organization’s culture roadmap.
  • “Tailored Solutions” are available.

2. Consultations

  • Strategy, Alignment, and Change: Before diving into strategic work, leaders must examine the organization’s fitness for change, common barriers to strategic planning, and the pitfalls in the deployment phase. This workshop assists leaders achieve success in their strategic endeavors.
  • Leadership Communication to Enhance Branding, Problem Solving, and Trust: The objective of this workshop is to develop communication intelligence in the leader, to get from words to actions, and the effects on trust, collaboration and innovation. Here we also explore digital media.
  • Tailored solutions: There are a number of other solutions we can deliver to enhance the effectiveness of your organization, from skills on time management to workforce empowerment, and more. By partnering with you to understand your vision, we can target specific needs. We’ll be honored to work with you and find the perfect fit.

3. Keynote Speaking

  • Strategy Deployment: Envisioning the organization in the future, understanding its purpose, developing a plan and empowering the entire organization to live it.
  • Foresight in Strategy Development: Understanding future trends in your industry, their influence on the business environment and using this key knowledge to make decisions.
  • Leading Change: Understanding the vision, deploying a need for change, influencing stake holders, cascading strategy and building feedback loops.
  • Employee Empowerment: Empower your employees through collaboration, self-development, teamwork and cross-functional communication.
  • Focused topics on leadership, culture, and change to improve teams and processes in organizations
  • Tailored Keynote Topics for your organizational needs.

Consultation Portfolio

  • Assessing and Improving Leadership Effectiveness
  • Assessing and Road-mapping Organizational Culture
  • Quality, CPI, and Change Management in Organizations: A Leadership View
  • Assessing Strategy Alignment and Implementation
  • Assessing Social Media Strategy and Effectiveness
  • Tailored solutions