LS|EG is a team of leaders and consultants …

… with professional expertise in the areas of corporate and business strategy, operational excellence, and organization and people systems.

This team has operated in the C-Suite and understand the pressures of leadership. The objective of our work is to provide and roadmap solutions that optimize organizations by reducing operational cost and improving the quality of people and products.

  • Corporate and Business Strategy: Organizational Design, Strategy Formulation and Deployment, Strategic Thinking and Planning, and Social Media
  • Operational Excellence: Quality Systems, Change Management, Project Management, Process Transformation, Six Sigma, and Data Analytics
  • People Transformation: Culture Assessment and Alignment, Leadership Coaching and Training, and Problem Solving Skills
  • Value Proposition: We leverage a combined 50+ years of experience leading at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels to raise leadership performance and reduce operational cost.

VISION. Facilitating the journey to smart futures, so creative thinking, innovation, and excellence become the core of organizations.

MISSION. LS|EG transforms how leaders think about the future, how they successfully improve the entire organizational system, and how they lead people, so organizations can meet their most difficult challenges and win!

GUIDING PRINCIPLES. We are a team of professionals who hold dedication to Integrity of Character, Service to our Clients and Communities. We are Quality, Excellence, and Results driven in everything we do.